GP practice “Ocioxocio” was started around 1984 by doctor Gayle Blom. In 1991, Dr. A. Klöne joined this practice. 
The practice is located in a corner single-family house built in 1984 in the then-new residential area ” Ocioxocio “. The practice space now consists of two consultation rooms, three multifunctional treatment/consultation rooms, a small laboratory, administrative space and an archive (attic).

Doctor D. Smid has been working as a general practitioner in this practice since 2011 and she works as a regular observer for doctor Blom.

There are four practice assistants (also known as POH): Stannie de Braal, Jacqueline Bos, Hilal Yalchinkaia and Rosa Commijs. Stannie and Jacqueline provide care to patients with chronic conditions such as Diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, asthma, and COPD. Hilal works as a POH-GGZ on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rosa works as a POH-GGZ for children on Friday afternoon.

We train new general practitioners and that is why you can regularly come across a trained general practitioner during office hours

Tim Roozendaal is a diabetes nurse and works every other week on Wednesday, mainly for more complex diabetes patients who need insulin.

Finally, 4 practice assistants work. Under ‘assistance and practical support’ you can find out what tasks they have.